The iron grip

Melina Tomson

Wow…all I can say is wow…

There are some folks in the real estate industry that have been trying to change the way real estate is done, bought and sold.  These companies are often called “discounters” because they don’t want to charge people that elusive 5-7% real estate commission.  I have an alternative business model here in Salem Oregon, but am not a discounter.  Discounters are typically defined as those companies that take a low listing commission or fee, and then also offer a low buyer agent fee.   I offer a good buyer agent fee.

Now, these models have been around forever…really they have, most consumers just don’t know about them.  Consumers tend to fear them because they tend to buy the hype of larger agencies.  Big must be good right?  Compare the quality of clothes at Wal-mart to Meringue Boutique in town…There is no comparison.  Small businesses can rock.

I am a firm believer that real estate needs all sorts of models.  It is good for consumers.  So I have to say I was stunned with this comment (#60) on a public forum the other day…

…As the largest real estate office in Georgia south of downtown Atlanta, none of my 140 agents will show a discount firm’s listing, ever. It’d be like your arch enemy coming to town and trumpeting “I’m here to cut your throat from ear to ear. Now, would you mind terribly to help me sharpen the knife?” I don’t think so.

Don Bush

Now for those of you consumers that having been talking on real estate forums about the need for lower commissions, here is your road block.  Online and in writing.  Boycotting.  Now agents will tell you to your face that they don’t boycott these listings, but apparently this agent feels so comfortable with his decision that he felt okay sharing that with the world.  So, for you consumers that can’t figure out why real estate fees won’t come down…here you go…from the horses mouth.

The iron grip.