Satisfying your sweet tooth

Desert places in Salem Oregon-Where to get your sugar on

No city would be complete without some love for your sweet tooth. Salem is no exception. Now, our local coffee shops all have some sweets and such there, but I’m talking about places to go that sweets are the focus and coffee is second fiddle.  My daughter, the cupcake connoisseur, says that Sugar Sugar has the best cupcake, but that Heidi’s frosting at Pure Decadence is better.  Mind you, vanilla is her thing.

So to start our where to go for something sweet list are Sugar Sugar and Pure Decadence. Sugar Sugar is downtown and has cupcakes and candy that are the mainstay of this store.  When you walk in and take one look around you know that the owner is one of those amazingly crafty people.   Sugar Sugar has some killer red velvet cupcakes, but there are options from German chocolate to pumpkin to Heath bar…on and on. I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad cupcake here.

If you aren’t downtown and find yourself in south Salem wishing for something sweet then Pure Decadence is where you want to go.  Heidi is the owner and is typically the one you will see.  She has everything from cheesecake on a stick (my son’s favorite), to cupcakes, excellent cookies, and my favorite place for scones.  I highly recommend her mousse cake too.  She makes great birthday/wedding cakes as well.

If cake is your thing there is a go to place in town, The Konditorei. While they are also a bistro that is a distant second to their large selection of cakes.  Poppyseed, birthday, German chocolate, tuxedo, red velvet, I could go on for a long time. Sometimes the hardest part is deciding what you want. Cake is sold by the slice here, and you can of course order whole cakes for special occasions.  This is our go to place for a quick treat after an Elsinore performance.

The Little Cannoli Bakery is the go to place for cannoli, eclairs, macaroons and other scrumptious treats. It is located downtown in the Reed Opera House and a good place to pop into when you want a quick treat while wandering around downtown.   Some espresso and an eclair sound like a pretty good treat.

A new entry into our sweet tooth needs is Ricky’s Bubbles and Sweet Shop.  Located downtown next to Gayle’s Italian market, this is great candy store.  It has a retro feel and you can get all sorts of “old time” candy here that you can’t buy in regular stores.   I don’t think I’ve seen a Charleston Chew in ages. They have them here.  They have a huge selection of pop as well and is definitely worth a stop to wander around.  For those of you that like Moonstruck Chocolates, they have them here as well.

Maybe you are heading down from Silverfalls State Park or on your way out.  Maybe you crave something sweet. If it is summer time there are two places to go to get something delicious.  EZ Orchards Shortcake Shack has some of the best milkshakes in the area and a good strawberry shortcake as well.  The shack opens up for warm weather and stays open until the harvest festival.  They also make summer donuts in addition to their fall regulars (blueberry, marionberry, strawberry).  The marionberry donuts are delicious.  Next time you head up to Silverfalls stop for some.

Anyone that likes pie in Salem knows about Willamette Valley Pie Co. You can buy their pies frozen at many local stores, but you can also go there and buy a slice.  They have a storefront where they sell berries, have a u-pick, and of course offer strawberry shortcake and pies.

While there are many places that have sweet options, these local places are dedicated to satisfying your sweet tooth.   If you are new to town, check them out. If you are old to town, go for a visit.

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