It’s all about the shoes


They get worn soles, sometimes get hole infested, and sometimes turned into stink bombs beyond recovery (yeah teens, I’m talking to you).   They still need a place to call home.

Flip flops



Maybe your shoes are looking for a big deck with plenty of room for tables and a barbecue.   For when other flip flops might want to come over and visit and share in your newest recipe and favorite glass of wine.


shoes fence





Maybe your shoes are looking for a place to work hard.  Spend some time in the dirt, close to the earth.  A place where they don’t have to have another pair of shoes right next door only five feet away. Some shoes like a lot of space.  boots after a match 2

Maybe your shoes need a lot of green grass to kick around a soccer ball when we get our sunny days and warm weather.  A place for your cleats to dig in and get some work.


If you have shoes that are thinking they might need a home, I know someone that helps with that.  She wears these shoes.  Some people just have crazy cool shoes. shoes

I’d like to welcome an agent to my company, Summer Pommier.  If you see some great shoes walking around town, it might be her.

Summer has a MSW and has a passion for old homes and cool shoes.  I’m a little jealous of her antique purses and cameras too.

If you are trying to find a house that is as comfortable as an old shoe, Summer would be happy to talk to you.  She has this shoe thing covered.

Welcome Summer.
Summer Pommier

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