Salem Oregon area home prices

Melina Tomson

Salem Oregon area home prices

Median home prices, inventory, days on the market are words spoken by data geeks.  Whether you are looking to buy or sell a home knowing how the local market is doing is important. If you are selling in Turner you will be less concerned about the Dallas market, as it should be.  Whether home prices are going up or down will be important to know for pricing your home to sell, and whether or not you are pushing affordability as a home buyer.

Within each market, there will be submarkets that may be performing better or worse than the overall city market.  For example, the Salem condo market would be different than the Salem acreage market. As such, those properties aren’t included in our data stats unless specifically stated that you are reading a submarket report.  Read about the average days on the market, inventory, home sales and whether or not each of these cities is in a buyers or sellers market.

If you would like a submarket report, just contact us, give us your email, and we can give you the data that you seek.  We are data geeks and are happy to share that with you.



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