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Aumsville Oregon home prices

Aumsville Oregon home prices

Home Truth Snippet: End of year 2016

  • Median home prices were up 10.9% to $250,000.
  • Home sales were down 3.7%
  • Days on the market had no change at 84
  • Current inventory is 1.86 months
  • Market favors: strong seller’s market

This information is based on data provided by the WVMLS and is based on acreage and non-acreage properties sold in Aumsville.

Home Truth Snippet: End of year 2015

  • Median home prices were up 2.6% to $194,750
  • Home sales were up 17.2%
  • Days on the market was down 10.9% to 81 days
  • Current inventory is 1.5 months
  • Market favors: Sellers

With one of the lowest inventories in the Salem area, Aumsville homes are moving fast. With close proximity to Salem and very affordable home prices, new construction has been selling incredibly well there.

Homes Truth Snippet: 2014 over 2013 (data from WVMLS)

  • Median home prices were up 19.8% to $189,750
  • Home sales up 31.8%
  • Days on the market down 7%
  • Current inventory (1/25/15): 4.3 months
  • Market favors: Sellers, mild sellers market

With a median home price jump of 19.8% it might seem that Aumsville is appreciating at an incredible clip.  With all small towns, data needs to be put into context as the data set is small. In 2013 there were 9 new construction home sales.  In 2014, it was 22.  Considering that new home sales had a median sales price of $221,700, you can see why it would easily pull up the median home price of Aumsville real estate.

Yes, Aumsville real estate has improved and new homes are one again being built and sold out there after many years of sluggishness.  It is in a mild sellers market, so there will likely be the potential for multiple offers in the market.

This data is for single family, non-acreage properties in Aumsville.

Home Truth Snippet: 2013 over 2012

  • Median home price down 9.4% to $158,450
  • Home sales up 7.3%
  • Days on the market down 7.8% to 128 days
  • Current inventory 5.1 months.
  • Market favors: Neither buyers nor sellers, normal market

Aumsville Home Truth Snippet mid-year 2012

  • Home prices: down 13.5%
  • Home sales: Up 50%
  • Inventory: 7.3 months
  • Market favors: Buyers, slightly
Aumsville Oregon home prices for 2012
Aumsville Oregon home sales for mid-year 2012


2010 Year End Report

I know bad title but I got a little distracted there for a couple of days and slacked off on my market reports. I’ll get all the cities done by the end of the month for those of you waiting for the smaller metro areas right now. Onward to Aumsville.

Aumsville Oregon home prices 2010

Aumsville hadn’t been as hard hit as some of the other metro cities. With the affordability that the city offers, as well as the fact that it qualified for USDA home loans, home buyers were able to get 100% financing out here. This was really the first year that we saw a decent drop in the average and median home prices in the city. The average home price dropped 8.7% to $188,467 and the median shifted downward 7.7% to $193,500.

2010 listed sold aumsville oregon

Home sales were down just a bit over 2009 and the number of homes listed was up just a bit. The supply and demand imbalance isn’t as great as it was in some years past, but inventory is still off in this area. At the beginning of 2009, I felt the Aumsville market was heading in the right direction. The Home Depot distribution plant has just started hiring and so there any effects from that on the Aumsville real estate market aren’t felt yet. I do think that there will some volatility in the market in 2011, but how much remains to be seen.