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Keizer Oregon home prices

Keizer Oregon home prices

The home truth for Keizer: 2016 in review

  • Home sales up 2.8% year over year
  • Days on the market had no change year over year
  • Median home price up 10.6% year over year to $240,000.
  • Current inventory 4.8 months
  • Market favors sellers

Keizer has continued to have a robust real estate market.  With the average home price in Portland hitting $420,000, Sherwood at $380,000, and Wilsonville at $400,000, home buyers were heading south to Keizer.  Home sales would have been higher had there been any homes to buy.  Homes appreciated a lot to due to high demand with no supply.  It doesn’t appear that this dynamic will change for 2017 so expect multiple offers in Keizer.

The home truth for Keizer: 2015 in review

    • Home sales up 39.9% year over year
    • Days on the market down 9.2% to 98 days from list to close
    • Median home price up 8.3% to $216,500
    • New construction sales up 3.4%
    • Current inventory 3.6 months
    • Market favors sellers

Keizer has generally had a robust real estate market.  With its proximity to Portland for commuting, and the lack of land available to builders due to the urban growth boundaries, real estate is doing well here.  New construction has been selling well and the demand is still high for new construction in Keizer, especially in the Clear Lake area.

If you are looking to buy in Keizer in 2016, know that the market will likely continue to be strongly favoring sellers so expect multiple offer scenarios to happen regularly.


The home truth snippet: 2014 over 2013
Report dated 1/9/2015

  • Median home prices were up 6.5% over 2013
  • Home sales were up 8.4% over 2013
  • The average days on the market was down 7.7% to 108 days
  • Current inventory is 4 months
  • Market favors: Sellers


Keizer is in a seller’s market to kick off the new year.  It will likely stay this way as land is becoming scarce in Keizer due to the urban growth boundary restrictions.  New construction has sold very well in Keizer and I would anticipate that home prices will continue to appreciate as Keizer is unable to expand the urban growth boundary surrounding the city.  Demand for Keizer has been growing due to its affordability when compared to the Portland metro area, and the commute from Clear Lake to Portland is very doable.

The home truth snippet: 2013 over 2012 stats

  • Median home prices up 13.3% to $187,000
  • Home sales up 9% to 363
  • Days on the market down 17.3% to 115 days
  • Current inventory 8.2 months
  • Market favors: Buyers

The Home Truth Snippet: 2Q 2013 (year over year)

  • Median home prices: Up 6.6%
  • Home Sales: Up 27%
  • Inventory: 4.42 months
  • Market Favors: Sellers
  • Keizer Home Prices Keizer home Sales

Keizer Home Truth Snippet January-June 2012

  • Home sales: Up 20.1%
  • Median home prices: Down 5.94%
  • Inventory: Down 7.2 months
  • Distressed properties: 23% of sold homes
  • Market Favors: Buyers slightly

Keizer Oregon Median home prices mid-year 2012

Home sales volume for Keizer Oregon mid-year in 2012

Keizer June 2011 Real Estate Report

2nd Quarter Keizer Sales

While that lowly 79 homes sold in the 2nd quarter in Keizer Oregon might look a bit lame compared to last year, last year was an off year because of the tax credit. Overall, better than 2009 so that’s good. Keizer currently has an 8.65 month inventory of homes. So if no one else listed their home for sale in Keizer, it would take 8.65 months to sell what is currently listed. Keizer is edging closer to that coveted 6 months of inventory which signifies a more normal real estate market and is well below Salem’s current inventory. The flip side of these improving numbers is, of course, the decline in home prices that needed to go with them.

2Q Average Sales Price SFR Keizer

The median sold price in Keizer during the second quarter of this year was $167,000. It is a 27.8% drop from the peak in home prices and puts Keizer around 2005 home prices. The number of homes listed to date in Keizer is down 27% as well contributing to the reduction in inventory. See Homes for sale in Keizer

March 2011 Report

I stated a couple of weeks ago that Salem had the best first quarter, in terms of real estate home sales, in the past three years. Not the highest home prices mind you, but that sales picked up. This isn’t true for the Keizer real estate market. Home sales are incredibly sluggish there right now.

Keizer March Sales

Inventory is at 14 months right now in Keizer. This means that if no one else puts their home on the spring and summer real estate markets, it will take 14 months to sell everything that is already out there. That’s a lot of homes for sale.

Home prices have responded to that high inventory and they have really dropped in this first quarter, but I will say that I think the data is a bit misleading.

Keizer March Home Prices

Last year the first quarter was spurred by the tax credit incentive. Buyers had to be under contract by April 30th so there was this early frenzy. Now Salem still had a better first quarter than 2010’s frenzied quarter, which is great. This poorer performance this year doesn’t mean Armageddon for the Keizer real estate market though. The summer months were so heinous for both Salem and Keizer that it will make the market this year look robust. That isn’t really the case either. This is really our first year of an unpropped up market, and we get to see what the market is starting to do on its own. It isn’t pretty for sure, but no need to start stocking water and supplies for the final days of humanity either. As it stands for March the average home price in Keizer was $170,565.

The first quarter of 2010 ended with 60 home sales an an average home price of $218,292. The first quarter of 2011 ended with 52 home sales, a 13.3% drop, and an average home price of $181,790, a 16.7% drop. The reason for these ugly numbers is caused by two main factors. The first being the tax credit inflating numbers in the first quarter last year, and then the increasing foreclosures. In the 2010 first quarter, 10% of the homes sold in Keizer were listed as short sales or foreclosures. In the 2011 first quarter that number was 19.2%. Hangover from last year, increased foreclosures this year means downward pressure on the Keizer real estate market right now.

Data in this report was gathered from the WVMLS and represents single family homes (non acreage) properties.