Market Conditions

Monmouth Oregon home prices

The home truth snippet: Monmouth end of year 2016

  • Median home prices were up 9.7% to $237,000
  • Home sales were up 13.7%
  • Days on the market was down 8.7% to 84 days.
  • Current inventory is 4 months
  • Market favors: Sellers

This data was provided by the WVMLS and is for acreage and non-acreage properties.

The home truth snippet: Monmouth end of year 2015

  • Median home prices up 5.4%
  • Home sales down 1.9%
  • Days on the market is down 11.9% to 89 days
  • Current inventory is 7.9 months
  • Market favors: Buyers

Monmouth is the only current market in the Salem metro area that is in a buyers market.  Home prices are higher in Monmouth compared to Independence and this higher costs and caused homes to stagnate a bit on the market.


Monmouth Oregon Home Truth Snippet mid-year 2012

  • Median home prices: Up 1.7%
  • Home sales: up 12%
  • Inventory: 14.4 months
  • Market favors: buyers, strongly

Monmouth oregon home prices 2012