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Stayton Oregon home prices

Stayton Oregon Home prices
The home truth for Stayton: End of year 2016

  • Median home prices were up 9.47% to $229,900
  • Home sales were up 2.1% to 141 units sold
  • Days on the market stayed the same at 84 days
  • Current inventory is 2.5 months
  • Market favors: strong sellers market

This data was crunched from information provided by the WVMLS and includes acreage and non-acreage properties.

The home truth snippet: End of year 2015

  • Median home prices were up 1% to $199,900
  • Home sales were up 28.3%
  • Days on the market was down 6.7% to 84 days
  • Current inventory is at 3.5 months
  • Market favors: Sellers

The affordability of Stayton is keeping inventory low.  As home prices have crept up in Keizer and Salem, Stayton has become increasingly attractive to home buyers due to the short commute.

3.5 months of inventory places it in a solid sellers market.

Stayton Home Truth Snippet 2014 over 2013

  • Median home prices were up 1.5% over 2013 to $198,000
  • Home sales were down 4.7% over 2013
  • Days on the market was down 20% to 124 days on average.
  • Inventory is currently (1/22/15) at 4.0 months
  • Market favors: Sellers market.

Stayton Home Truth Snippet mid-year 2012

  • Home prices: down 10%
  • Home sales: up 7.8%
  • Inventory: 5.9 months
  • Market favors:  Neutral.  Favors neither buyers nor sellers
Homes sold in Stayton Oregon mid-year 2012
Home Prices in Stayton Oregon for 2012

2010 Year End Report

The Stayton market has done some great stabilizing this year, but that has more to do with people pulling their homes off the market and just not selling rather than anything else. I fully expected home prices to drop a solid 10% from 2009 as the market fundamentals were all indicating strong downward pressure on real estate prices here. That didn’t happen.

2010 average Stayton Oregon home prices

The average home price actually popped up 6% in 2010 over 2009 and the median home price increased 3.4%. Homes didn’t appreciate in the way that most people think about appreciation, but some more expensive homes finally sold in 2010 after well over a year on the market. The drop in interest rates and the tax credit this year appear to have enticed people to buy in Stayton, as these numbers were much better than I was expecting. Honestly I don’t see how this can be the bottom of the Stayton real estate market so I am skeptical that this trend will continue.

2010 sold stayton oregon

Foreclosures Stayton Oregon

The other three main factors in real estate fundamentals, home sales trends, inventory, and foreclosures are still really high. Inventory is at 14 months as of this post; foreclosures jumped 28.6% over 2009; and home sales, while up are still way off normal volumes. Sales did pop up from 2009 but this was expected with the tax credit earlier in the year. Foreclosure notices are still hammering the small Stayton market and the huge increase isn’t surprising given the state of the Oregon economy. While the last two quarters have shown a drop in notices, which is a great trend I hope continues, for the year they are up substantially. The end result…a mixed bag of real estate results for Stayton. Inventory down since the summer by about half, foreclosure notices up, home sales slightly up from 2009, and home prices up. We’ll have to see what the numbers bring this year, but considering that 50% of Stayton sales in 2010 occurred before April 30th, when the tax credit ended, I’m thinking that the market will continue to correct here as the foreclosures put downward pressure on the market. The data in this post was crunched from the WVMLS and information obtained from Fidelity National Title.