Relocation Guide Salem Oregon: Minto Island Growers

Guest post by Pam Choc

I can’t help being in awe of the bounty the Willamette Valley offers as I buy fresh organic produce from Minto Island Growers nearly all year long.  They offer many varieties of high-quality, fresh fruits and vegetables, and a native plant nursery as well.

Nobody knows vegetables better than the owners, Elizabeth Miller and Chris Jenkins, who are happy to chat and offer advice as they unload the morning’s crop.  They are the real deal!  It is a rewarding experience for my kids and myself to feel so connected to the farmers who have grown our food.

By far, our favorite time to visit the farm is in July when we can pick blueberries by the basketful.  These are absolutely the best blueberries I have ever tasted–large berries with a dark velvety color and perfect texture and sweetness.  My kids love helping me pick (and sample) them, and we freeze them to enjoy throughout the year.

In the summer months, Minto Island Growers also offer a food cart with tasty meals cooked from vegetables and fruit grown on the farm.  Delicious soups, blueberry pancakes, and strawberry milkshakes are only a few of their irresistible offerings.
The farm is located at 3394 Brown Island Road South off of South River Road next to Minto Brown Park.  They also participate in the Salem Saturday Market during the summer and offer a CSA (community supported agriculture) program.

Fresh vegetables from Minto Island Growers

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