Rule #1: Keep your dirt to yourself…

After running all of those heinous inventory numbers, there is really only one option for sellers in Salem Oregon.  Get with the program if you want to sell.

So what is the program? Keep your house clean and make it look good.  I know…top secret information here…

Seriously though…I have learned in my life that people have different definitions of clean.  Hopefully your parents taught you that if you having quests over, your home needs to be spotless.  It’s one thing to live in your own dirt, but we don’t share our dirt with others.  Some people missed this important training point as youth, and it comes back to haunt them when trying to sell their home.

So what are the secrets to selling in a down market..

1) Get a prelisting home inspection. All homes have defects.  Don’t wait to find out what they are.  Get an inspection done, and get the repairs done when you aren’t stressed and you have time to get quotes.  Don’t lose a buyer because you had two boards of rotting siding on your house.  Get your home in TOP NOTCH shape.

2) Hire a stager to help you get your home in good shape for photographs. How your room looks impacts photos.  Unflattering photos online will turn away buyers.  Your home needs to look and PHOTOGRAPH well.

3) If your agent can’t take good photos insist on a professional photographer. Forget print media…this is important.  Good photos will make or break your ability to get showings.  Look at listings online and see who has consistently good quality photos.  The most important thing is to look at homes in your price range. Most agents use pros for luxury listings.  Don’t use them for comparison.

4)  Get a good CMA. Make sure that it has current market conditions, active, sold, and expired listings.  Sold homes should ideally be within the last 3 months.  Beware of the agent that goes back farther than that.  Your home needs to be priced for today’s market, not 6 months ago.  Be competitive.

5) Have a written marketing plan. You want to know exactly what is happening.  My contracts have an addendum that states exactly what I will do and WHEN it will be done.  (Ie MLS listing within 24 hours, color flyers within 5 days, etc) Have a property website (38808 Main Street and 5120 Hill Villa) with many photos and information about the properties for clients.

6) Keep your house clean and make it easy to show. You have to pretend that your grandparents are about to head over to your house.  It needs to be clean.  Remember…keep your dirt to yourself.

7) Prepare to be stressed as homes are taking a while to sell. Get a massage or whatever you need to do to keep yourself relaxed.  Have a stress management plan in place.

Then if all goes well…get ready to close and move.

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