You all think real estate is Beemers and golf outings during the day.  I know you do, but really real estate is more glamorous than that.  Seriously…so much more glam.  In fact, I am wearing my Vera Wang and Jimmy Choos as I type this.   I will share an only slightly embellished true story […]

Rising to new lows

A glowing recommendation.  It’s what everyone wants in their business.  Who doesn’t want to be acknowledged as being good at what they do?   Gallup released their latest poll about feelings about different industries.  What’s up with this touchy-feely stuff anyway?  Feelings, schmeelings… I’m incredulous that in this current time of real estate turmoil, that the […]

Senior Living

Basketball hoops in the road for the local pickup game.   Skateboarders weaving all over.  Kids screaming and splashing in pools.  For some of you, living in a neighborhood where these things happen on a daily basis sounds undesirable.   I get that.  Sometimes I don’t want to be around my kids either.  The thought of altering […]

The sun was out.  There was glare in your eyes. Disorientation ensued. Pigs flew.   There is an ice dam on the river Styx.  There were locusts. I know I enjoyed our nice sunny weather that we had in some of January here in Salem. I’m thinking that some home buyers got out of their […]

I am not like a toaster.

You asked. We gave you what you wanted, but the power of the dark side was just too great for the wanna be Darth-Vader-Home-Seller. It isn’t a big secret that real estate agents have really low entry standards into a profession that helps people spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a purchase.  I swear […]

The Aumsville market report

I know bad title but I got a little distracted there for a couple of days and slacked off on my market reports.  I’ll get all the cities done by the end of the month for those of you waiting for the smaller metro areas right now. Onward to Aumsville. Aumsville hadn’t been as hard […]

I have to say I’m surprised.  BUT I’ll take that! Last year I predicted a 10% drop in home prices in Silverton Oregon as the supply and demand was so disconnected I really felt the downward pressure would be too great.  Silverton real estate has some good news in that regard.  The average home price […]

What year are you at?

The talk around the real estate water cooler is pretty basic…”so what year are you at?”  Some cities are at 2001-2002 pricing, thankfully Keizer Oregon is not.  Real estate in Keizer took a header off the diving board in 2009 landing in a nice belly flop in 2010. The chart is pretty clear that the […]

So close…

So close… You all will cut me some slack, won’t you? Home prices in Salem Oregon In January 2009,  I posted my predictions for real estate in Salem in 2010.  My guess?  Home prices would drop 5% in 2010.  The reality?  The average home price dropped 6.6% and the median shifted downward 6.1%.   Pffft.  I’m […]

In search of a motto…

The new year has begun, and real estate agents have started blogging about their unfettered optimism for the coming new year.  I was, in fact, brainstorming ideas for a new and improved motto for 2011 on my Facebook business page. 2011…the year that Salem real estate was only partially crummy. I know, I know…it needs […]