Horse-drawn carriages clip-clopped, streetcars clanged, long skirts rustled. Like many people, I find the history of people and places interesting. As much as humanity grows and changes, we also stay the same. While we have gone from horse-drawn carts to rockets, humanity still experiences joy and sorrow that defines us as human. As you walk […]

Into the sweet spot

The average and median home prices have been hovering in the $150,000-$160,000 range for most of this year and August was no exception.   With sales of more expensive homes incredibly lackluster with no change in the foreseeable future, this is going to be where home prices will continue to stay. The nice thing about August […]

The game just changed.

Oregon has long been a state that uses Trust Deeds for real estate transactions.  With the ease and low cost of foreclosure for banks, it was the instrument of choice for many years here in Oregon…well as long as you follow the state laws.  You’ve heard the terms, judicial foreclosure, non-judicial foreclosure, deficiency state, non-deficiency […]

I am not like a toaster.

You asked. We gave you what you wanted, but the power of the dark side was just too great for the wanna be Darth-Vader-Home-Seller. It isn’t a big secret that real estate agents have really low entry standards into a profession that helps people spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a purchase.  I swear […]

What year are you at?

The talk around the real estate water cooler is pretty basic…”so what year are you at?”  Some cities are at 2001-2002 pricing, thankfully Keizer Oregon is not.  Real estate in Keizer took a header off the diving board in 2009 landing in a nice belly flop in 2010. The chart is pretty clear that the […]

Foreclosures going up.  Foreclosures going down. What to believe? My advice?  Don’t read the national media stuff regarding foreclosures.  What matters is what is happening here locally in Salem Oregon.  So, what’s happening? Salem Oregon Foreclosures In 2010, the amount of notice of defaults filed with the county clerk’s office dropped by 8.7% over 2009.  […]

So close…

So close… You all will cut me some slack, won’t you? Home prices in Salem Oregon In January 2009,  I posted my predictions for real estate in Salem in 2010.  My guess?  Home prices would drop 5% in 2010.  The reality?  The average home price dropped 6.6% and the median shifted downward 6.1%.   Pffft.  I’m […]

In search of a motto…

The new year has begun, and real estate agents have started blogging about their unfettered optimism for the coming new year.  I was, in fact, brainstorming ideas for a new and improved motto for 2011 on my Facebook business page. 2011…the year that Salem real estate was only partially crummy. I know, I know…it needs […]

If you are relocating to Salem Oregon just know that June 1 means one thing…strawberry season.   Typically Oregon strawberries start to ripen and are just waiting to be plucked and eaten. Every year we take the kids to a local u-pick and pick strawberries. We eat a lot of them over the winter so we […]

Crime Rates in Salem Oregon

I read a recent post about the 10 most dangerous cities.  I, of course, scrolled for our familiar Oregon cities and was nicely surprised because Salem had a lower crime rate than Eugene in 2009. QR Press created a list based on the FBI’s 2009 crime data.  I went to the raw data just to […]