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All real estate companies will tell you that they have top notch customer service and strive to be the best. I think rather than hearing from us what we think of ourselves, I’d like you to read what our actual clients say about us. While we hope that all of our clients are happy and will give us glowing reviews, we do expect that not everyone will be pleased with what we have to offer.

This is your chance to read about our agents in real time and form your own opinion. Some of our agents are better at working with certain types of buyers. Read what our clients say about our different agents and then decide which one seems like they might be the best fit for you.  If you aren’t sure, give us a call and tell us what you want in an agent and we can help you decide.  Feeling comfortable with the agent providing your service experience is important to us.

If you are a former client and want to review us online we welcome all honest opinions.

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Please scroll down to the bottom of our Yelp review page and see the “not recommended” reviews. They are by legitimate clients, but because they aren’t active on Yelp they won’t show them.