To the trees…

Any of you that read local blogs know that we have a very active blogger that is a bike lover.  The Breakfast on Bikes blog has great local information about everything related to the city and alternative transportation, especially bike use.   Personally, I am excited that we have such local advocates for bike friendliness, since that is becoming more important to people as we try and cut emissions.  Yeah, I know I’m a bit of a hypocrite since I’m an agent that drives around in their car all day long for work. BUT…doesn’t mean I can’t love it for times that I don’t have to drive.

BIke parking in trees

Breakfast on Bikes has written 48 posts about bike parking, and our serious lack of it, in our city.  While I was out house hunting with a buyer the other day, I saw a “unique vision” that I just had to share.  Really, it solves all of our problems because while we don’t have spots for cars or bikes downtown, we do have trees.

Seriously.  Tree parking.  Who knew?

Now, we might not have road space, but c’mon, this is Oregon!  We have trees. Lots of trees.

As I saw this vision of “awesomeness” I couldn’t help but think “wow, we could be the only city in America where we park our bikes in the trees.  Bet they don’t even do that in bumpkin country.  Salem could really stand out!”

We have those gorgeous cherry trees at the mall, but let’s face it, after the blossoms drop, eh…they are just boring.  We could brighten up the Capitol Mall with maybe a brightly colored Schwinn or for those of you that race, a Torelli.



Now I realize that my idea may be a bit unconventional, but desperate times call for desperate measures.  I mean what is a parent to do when your kid wants to ride his Radio Flyer all over town, and then jump and play in the mall fountain.

Now I know that the Swiss are all modern and high techie with their ideas, but clever designs?  Hello, this is Salem.  Boston has their Hubway, but clever names don’t cut it, either.  Salem needs to make its own mark, and we can be inspired by one of our own.

Portland move aside.  It’s Salem’s turn.

Take to the trees.


End Note: Just in case there is someone out there sarcastically challenged…please don’t put bikes in our trees.


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